August 18, 2016

Introducing the Evolve Shop

by The Evolve team in Us, WordPress

It’s definitely been a while since the last time we spoke and let us begin saying that there’s a reason for our hiatus.

We think we can deliver high quality products in terms of visuals, features and ease of use, and the moment we decided to sell our own creations independently, we knew that we would want to overview every step of the chain, from promotion, to sale, support and customer care.

In these months we’ve been crazy busy in setting up our own sales platform, through which we’ll distribute our products and today we’re proudly announcing that said platform, Evolve Shop, is now officially open for business.

The first product on our shelves is Brix, a drag & drop page builder plugin for WordPress, which we think you’ll love for its simplicity and precision at building great layouts for your websites.

Items sold on the Evolve Shop are license based: not only you get a top notch product, but for a whole year you get skilled support for your purchase, free and automatic updates right from the administration panel, for up to 25 different websites!

Our plans for the Evolve Shop are nothing short than big: we have a bunch of WordPress themes in the works and we literally can’t wait for you to see them! Those items will be sold with the license system as well and you’ll be able to buy just the right one that fits your needs.

Shortly after, we’ll introduce our premium subscription plan, which will allow you to enjoy multiple products for a flat yearly fee.

So go check out Brix and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates!

Happy shopping!

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