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Our story

We began working together in 2010, and during these years we never stopped thinking bigger.


A project called
The Happy Bit

We both come from the same city, Genoa, Italy, a history and culture rich town, home to Christopher Columbus and pesto sauce.

We come from different professional areas and we’ve begun collaborating together as two friends, looking to work on what really interested us, that is helping people share their ideas in any online form.

So we gave ourselves a name: The Happy Bit. It didn’t really mean much, but it was the umbrella under which we started taking clients and working on an open source platform called WordPress.


Creating THBThemes

After a while, the idea of creating a theme for WordPress and selling it bounced in our minds.

We first created the THBThemes brand, and then published Eruption, our very first product made available to the world, and put it on sale on ThemeForest, a relatively young platform that allowed independent authors to marketize their work.

Thanks to the success of THBThemes, we’ve had the opportunity of working with clients and agencies from all over the world.

To this date, after selling thousands of copies of our items, we’re still publishing our works on the marketplace with the status of Elite Authors.



Our passion and the vision in our minds of what we could give to our clients and customers were the fuel that propelled us in creating Evolve, our WordPress studio, and its shop of quality products.

If we were to find a word to describe what the Evolve brand means to us, that word would be “maturity”.

It’s right there in its name: Evolve really is for us the result of an evolutionary process. Under that name are hidden, but never forgotten, all the successes, the struggles, the experiences and things we’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, during the years that led us where we are today.


Brix builder

As we were releasing better and better products on the market, we realized we needed something to take our work to the next level.

That something turned out to be our flagship product: Brix is the most advanced page builder plugin for WordPress, and it has the unique quality of combining power and speed.

It helped not only ourselves in creating amazing and reliable projects that can last over time, but also helped the work of our partners that adopted it to improve their own workflow.

Our philosophy

A new product cycle

Since the beginning of our journey, there’s one thing we’ve never compromised on: quality.

In order to deliver more stable results, we think that the essential element is having control. Our products share a common vision that puts our customers and clients at the center of the stage.

Creating something that doesn’t frustrate our users is not enough: what we want to put out are themes and plugins that they’ll love to use.