August 28, 2018

The perfect design for your photography website

by The Evolve team in Design, Tips, WordPress

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a travel enthusiast, if your goal is to share your photos online, the best solution you can choose to adopt is creating your website.
Yes, I know, you’re thinking that today photos travel on a fast lane called Instagram, and that by using the right hashtags you can reach an even greater number of users in a fraction of the time: all of this is true. But if your technical level is higher than simply my weekend hobby, then you probably know what it means in terms of visual quality to sacrifice an entire image (maybe an endless natural landscape or an urban skyline) to a little square that you can hold in your hand.

Every professional photographer knows perfectly that the beauty of a shot is hidden in the details: do not diminish the potential of your shots, and give your work the space and optimal visibility it deserves with a website that’s optimized especially for photography websites.

Today we wanted to give you some useful and instant pieces of advice to make you secure a professional photographic website that can help you convert your visitors into potential clients.

Pictures do not speak for themselves: present them at their best!

The difference between a pro website and an amateur portfolio lays in the way your photographs are ordered, presented and described. An online gallery with an infinite series of photos poorly (or not at all) organized, hardly browsable and accessible, with slow and heavy sliders ends up penalizing both the user experience of the gallery and in terms of search engines ranking.

Organize your shots by well-defined properties: if your website is developed with WordPress, you can easily arrange your contents using categories, tags, and metadata.
Pay attention to the titles! Be as specific as possible in recapping the theme, s, tting and contents of an album, and you’ll help your users to search and find easily what they’re looking for.

Your website, your colors, your stile

Your professional website is more than a simple business card: it’s a channel through which you can communicate what kind of professional you are, and through its design choices you will build the perception of the quality of the service you’re offering.
In the specific case of professional photography websites, you need to tell people about your story, your mission, and your work philosophy. Choosing a photographer (for example purchasing a corporate photographic shooting) isn’t an easy task. It’s important to feel in harmony with the photographer who will take those shots, be on the same wavelength in terms of taste and style. Amaze your target audience by highlighting the features that really set you apart from your competition!

Whether your personality is vibrant and colorful, or simple and minimal, make sure you communicate it correctly with a design that looks like you, your way of living and working.
Pay attention to the template! Choose a theme that’s highly customizable and that allows you to design and implement exactly the website you desire, with the features that you need and most importantly clean and lightweight code.

Choose a photography-optimized theme, and forget about heavy plugins

Are you thinking about showing your photos within one or more sliders? Maybe with animations and transitions that are dynamic and catchy? Don’t slow down your website with heavy, not-so-efficient plugins: choose a theme that is designed thinking to the needs of a pictures professional. Make sure to always get the maximum yield from your photographs, from their thumbnails to full-screen lightboxes, with no cropping or resizing.
Pay attention to the mobile experience as well! Make sure that your professional website is completely responsive and easily browsable from smartphones and tablets.

If you need a custom theme for your website, just get in touch with us, or, if you’re short on time, come meeting our photo proofing ready theme Zena, and stay up to date with all the news coming from our studio through our Facebook page.

If the photography world is your works, we got lots of great news coming your way!

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