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Nesting Sections & navigation

Sections can work one within the other, which means that you can create a Section, choose a particular Area arrangement, and then decide to create another Section as a child of a content Area.

Nesting Sections one within the other might not always be the optimal solution, as it may complicate the page structure too much: for simpler purposes, you might want to use the standard WordPress columns block, instead.

In such a complex situation, we thought it’d be convenient to have a way to quickly jump from an Area to the Section it belongs to, or viceversa. When either a Section or an Area is currently selected in the Block Editor, the sidebar on your right will display a Structure diagram, that replicates the current structure of the Section you’re working with. The diagram is interactive: click on the outermost rectangle, and the Section will be selected; click on one of the contained rectangles, and you’ll select a specific Area.

If you prefer an alternative way to navigate the page structure, you can also access the Block Navigation control in the Block Editor toolbar on the top of the editing screen.