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Design freedom

Quickly manage all the features of your posts created with the WordPress Block Editor,from design to proportions, in real time with Grids!

Grids is available on for FREE!

Precisely control the page structure

Whatever page structure you have in mind to create, with Grids you can do it. Define the content area and manage your structure directly from the Block options menu.

spacing controls

Manually set all the dimensions of each individual Block and check the result in real time from desktop and mobile devices.

Complete background control

Make each block unique! Choose any background color based on your needs or set a custom image to make your block perfect.

For each background image you can set the size and repeat to get the most out of customization in terms of design.

Do not give up your creativity and get the same result as the mockup on your finished site.

Try Grids!

Compose complex layouts and amaze your customers and colleagues with Grids! You will love it!