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Our services

We love to work with clients and agencies, because we think that we can bring tangible value to the table: from consultancy to complete projects, we work on design, development, UX and process optimization.

  • Theme installation

    Have you purchased one of our items and want to properly set up your website?

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  • Customization

    If you are in need for a customization on one of our themes or plugins, you can ask us for a quote.

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  • Custom project

    Have a great idea for your next project? Get in touch, we might be perfect for eachother!

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Get up and running quickly and allow us to set up your WordPress installation for you.

We’ll install our theme and configure it properly for your environment and we’ll also perform security checks, so that there won’t be troubles ahead when you’re going to work on your website.

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This information is strictly confidential and won't be shared with anyone.

Our customizations service is tailored around you: we analyze your request, agree on turnaround times and costs, and deliver the customization to you.

This way, not only you get skilled people to work on your project, you also benefit from the fact that those people are the ones who designed the theme/plugin in the first place, so they know it by hand.

Starting a new project can be daunting, but not if you find the right partner to work with.

We offer services ranging from development to design, and we deliver certain costs and strategic consultancy for your project.

We like to care about the stuff we do, and pursue a collaborative approach that makes your project kinda also our project, so that we’ll work together to find the best solutions possible.

There’s one thing that we won’t compromise on, though: quality. After all, you want your project to stand out from the rest, do you?

Frequently asked questions

What do you need to do a customization?

All we need from you is the item’s purchase code that tells us that you actually purchased the product either on this site, or on ThemeForest. Note that customizations are not linked in any way to support validity: even if it’s expired, you can still ask us for a customization!

Also, be descriptive of the work you want to be done on your project. The more details you give us, the better we’ll be able to help you.

Any reason why a customization request should be rejected?

As you’ll understand, not all requests are accepted, but we’ll do our best to satisfy everyone. The only eventuality in which we’ll reject a customization is we’re asked to work not on one of our themes.

How do you handle payments for installations and customizations?

We accept payments through Credit Card (managed with Stripe), and the payment has to be upfront, after we’ve agreed on project specs, turnaround times and costs. Should the work take longer than amount of hours we’ve agreed upon, you won’t be subject to any additional cost.

Hey, I want to do a project with you!

That’s awesome! If you’re feeling that the contact form in this page is too limited to detail your project, please know that we’re always available for a Skype chat, so that we can know eachother better.