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Post format gallery & Albums

There are two ways to present your images in Zena: by using your blog creating posts having the post format set to gallery or using pages with the Album page template.

Both Albums and gallery posts share the same "Gallery" & "Lightbox" options under the "Options" metabox.


You can show your images in three ways:

  • A simple vertical stream of images
  • A two or three columns simple or masonry grid
  • An horizontal carousel

For each mode, you can define the image size to be used for your images.

You’ll also be able to choose what you’d like to do with the featured image: you can use it as first element of the gallery or use it as cover of your album.

Please note that the "cover" mode is not available for the carousel gallery type.

With the Carousel and Simple gallery type you can enable "captions" for your images.

If you are using the Carousel gallery type in combination with the "Column" page layout, you have an extra option that allows you to make the carousel expanded by default.


When enabled, the built-in lightbox functionality can be customized to display captions or the sharing options.

Blog pages

The Blog page template allows you to create a blog page with the infinite load functionality.