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Working with Shortcode Ultimate

A page named "Some shortcodes" contain several plugin shortcodes example.

This theme has been designed to work with Shortcode Ultimate plugin. A note about the plugin feature "Posts" this theme include a customized template for:

  • templates/default-loop.php – posts loop
  • templates/teaser-loop.php – posts loop with thumbnail and title
  • templates/single-post.php – single post template

these templates are located under the theme "templates" folder. A couple of configuration examples:

  • [su_posts template="templates/teaser-loop.php" posts_per_page="3"] (small thumbnail, post date, post title and comments number)
  • [su_posts template="templates/default-loop.php" posts_per_page="5"] (large thumbnail, post date, post title, excerpt, comments number)
  • [su_posts template="templates/teaser-loop.php" posts_per_page="5" taxonomy="category" tax_term="photography"] (loop of 5 items from the photography blog category using the teaser loop style)