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Installing the theme

After you’ve purchased the theme, a fresh copy of it can always be found in your Dashboard on Evolve Shop.

Go to the Downloads tab in your account page, and look for Windmill in the list of your downloads.

After clicking the Download button, a few options will be presented to you: by selecting the All files & documentation option, you will download a Zip file that contains the actual installable WordPress theme archive that you need to use in order to install the theme.

Here’s what’s contained in the main Zip archive:

  • the actual archive that you have to install in WordPress,
  • a pre-packaged child theme of Windmill,
  • Licensing: a folder containing the theme license document. Learn more about the GNU General Public License.

To install the theme, go to the admin area of your WordPress installation and open the Appearance > Themes page. From there, click on the Add New button at the top, and then click on the Upload Theme button: you’ll be presented with an upload input, where you’ll be able to upload the installable archive.

Once you’ve installed the theme, you’ll need to activate it. After activation has been completed, a guided tour will start that will walk you through the simple steps that are required in order to complete the installation.

We have designed these steps to be simple and descriptive, so that you can understand what’s going on and be in full control. Essentially, here they are:

  1. The theme is based on our Evolve Framework, so we’re going to download and install it for you,
  2. A few plugins will be suggested to you: while these plugins are not strictly required, they add functionality to the theme, or they optimize the theme in various ways,
  3. You’ll be able to import the very same content of the theme demo in a single click (we’ll cover this in a minute).

After installation is completed, a recap page will be shown to you, with useful links pointing you to the documentation, support page, and an options page, which is where customization begins for your theme.

Should I install a child theme?

This is a good question and the answer is a resounding YES! If you’re not familiar with child themes, here’s a good place to start knowing them a little more.

Long story short, activating a child theme allows you to receive all the theme updates available, without compromising your customizations, because they would be in fact done on a different theme.

Note. This is also why the version number of the child theme will never change: in order to perform an update to your theme, even if you’re using a child theme, you’ll always only need to update its parent theme.

How to update

Windmill is updated regularly, bringing in new features, providing security enhancements, fixing bugs, and generally be compatible with the latest and greatest WordPress version available.

As soon as a new update comes out, a notice will be displayed in the admin area of your WordPress installation.

You are entitled to Windmill updates if you have a valid support account over at Evolve Shop. If your support account expires, you can renew your plan with additional months of support, re-gaining the ability to download updates.

There are two ways to keep the plugin up to date:

  1. Log into your account over at Evolve Shop and download the latest version available. Backup the windmill folder in your wp-content/themes directory of your WordPress installation. Unpack the archive you’ve downloaded to a folder called windmill in the themes directory of your installation, or use the WordPress uploader, by clicking on Themes > Add New.
  2. Use the automatic theme update system provided by WordPress. In order to use the automatic update system, you’ll need to go to Windmill > Registration and insert the Purchase code and email you’ve been given at the moment of your purchase.

Beware that, before updating Windmill, you’ll need to be sure to be up to date with the Evolve Framework version as well. You can always grab the latest stable version of the Evolve Framework from this URL.

We strongly suggest to use the provided child theme, in order not break the theme compatibility with future updates.

When updating or when switching from a previous WordPress installation, we warmly recommend that you regenerate the theme’s Media Library items thumbnails: not doing so would probably translate in suboptimal (e.g. blurry) image rendering

You can do regenerate the theme’s Media Library automatically, using a plugin like "Force Regenerate thumbnails". Unused image sizes will also be cleared from your Media Library.

Note We suggest to use a plugin like "Easy theme and plugin upgrades" that can upgrade easily your theme and optionally make a backup.

If you want to manually upgrade your theme you can follow these guidelines:

To update the your theme, re-download the theme, extract the main Zip file’s contents, find the installable theme archive named, extract it, and upload the theme folder using a FTP client to the /wp-content/themes/ folder in your server.

Beware: this will overwrite the old files! That’s why it’s important to backup any changes you’ve made to the theme files beforehand.

If you didn’t make any changes to the theme files, you are free to overwrite them with the new files without risk of losing theme settings, pages, posts, etc. Backwards compatibility is guaranteed. If you have made changes to the theme files, you will need to compare your changed files to the new files listed in the changelog below and merge them together.