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Documentation & support

After completing the installation of the theme, look for the Windmill page in the menu of the admin area. After you’ve opened that page, you’ll find links to the documentation and support pages in the upper right hand corner.

Asking for support

In order to keep valuable information organized and to provide a better service to our users, support is offered on our Support platform only.

Support requests submitted via email will all be redirected to the Support platform.

Support is intended for bugs only and we do not offer guidance for theme modifications, WordPress issue regarding its native functionality or plugin related stuff.

Before opening a report please make sure to read our policy about how to ask for support.

Support tips

If you encounter issues with the theme and you have installed additional plugins besides the Evolve Framework plugin, a good idea might be to disable them and check if the issue persists, before asking for support. Should this happen, it’d be better to direct the support request to that plugin instead of our theme.