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Customizing the theme

Theme customization in terms of colors and typography happens thanks to the Kirki plugin, that is freely available on the official WordPress plugins repository, so make sure to install and activate it.

When you open the WordPress Customizer, you’ll see a bunch of custom panels available, namely:

  • Site title
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Header bar
  • Blog
  • Footer copyright

Concerning colors, they can all be controlled from the Colors panel, so for example changing the highlight color there, will impact in several places in the theme.

Typography works in the same way. In the Typography panel you’ll be able to change the main font family, used for the entire body copy, as well as font families used for headlines throughout the theme.

Note: keep in mind that panels like Blog can also edit headlines, in terms of size and spacing.

If you want to modify the menu color, you’ll find the relative controls in the Header bar panel of the Customizer, while if you want to edit the Copyright portion of the website, the Footer copyright panel is what you want to look at.