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Enable the provided THB Portfolio plugin in order to enable the Projects custom post type. Projects are going to be displayed in pages with the Projects page template.

Each project is defined by a title, content, a cover image (featured image) and a series of data that can be found in the "Project data" tab in the project editing screen.

Most of the data connected to the project is pretty much self explanatory. However a few notes need to be pointed out:

External URL

An external URL for the project. When you specify an URL in this field, projects listed in Projects pages will redirect to that URL directly, instead of their individual page on the website.


A series of label/value fields that is displayed after the main content of the project. If labels are URLs, they automatically turn into clickable links.

Images & Videos

Just like for Album pages, a series of images and videos that can have a title, description, and that can be catalogued under one of the categories created under Media > Gallery Categories.

These images are displayed below the content in the project page.

Global options

Global options concerning the Projects custom post type can be found under the "Projects" tab in the "Theme options" page.

A specific note has to be made about the "URL slug" options, which enables to customize the URL to projects. For example if you’ve set up pretty permalinks, by default projects can be reached from a URL such as

If you set the "URL slug" to "project", the resulting permalink for Portfolio items will be

Important: please note that you cannot use the same slug for projects and the Projects page, as this would mess up various things, including the Portfolio pagination.

Remember to re-save the site’s permalinks upon changing the URL slug field.

If you want to enable the "back to projects" link in the single project page you have to choose which page will be your projects index page. You can do that by choosing your desired page from the select called "Select the Projects index".
In this select only pages with the "Projects" page template applied will be shown.