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How to setup your theme

This section covers the basic information to setup the theme in the same way of the online demo.

Installing the main theme

You can either choose to upload the theme to your server via FTP, or use the WordPress theme upload function. In either cases, please make sure to upload only the archive file named after the theme, contained in the main package you downloaded (e.g. if the main package is called "Theme v.1.0", you want to upload the "" file contained in it).

If you are new to WordPress and have problems with theme you might want to check out this page.

If you do not plan to use a child theme, you can then proceed activating the theme.

Installing the child theme

Even with the main theme installed, using a child theme is a good practice when it comes to our themes, as it ensures that you can get all the benefits from updating the main theme when a new version comes out, while retaining your own customizations.

Inside the main theme package you’ll find a ready to use child-theme package.

You can upload the child theme just like you were uploading or installing a regular theme. If you plan to use it, proceed activating it. Please note that the parent theme activation is not required when using child themes.