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Framework settings

The "Framework settings" page is intended to offer advanced control over the installation of the theme, allowing for admin customization and data backup and restore.

Super users

A Super user is a registered administrator that can edit the Framework settings. By default, all admins can edit the settings contained in this page, however it is possible to restrict the access to it only to a selected group of admins.

To do this, simply fill the "Super users" field with a comma-separated list of the usernames you want to allow access to the "Framework settings" page.

A particularly useful note about customizing the theme for your client: by specifying a Super User you’ll also disable all theme updates notifications to non-super users.

Please note The "Super users" field will be displayed only if there is more than one user registered.

Admin customizations

If you want to add some extra CSS to the WordPress Administration area and in the WordPress Login page or modify the login logo, you can do so from the “Framework Settings” page under the “Admin customizations” tab.

Export and import

The theme offers the ability to export and backup your options and customizations to the theme’s appearance. Backup is handled through the Export tab which will prompt you to save a file with ".thb-backup" extension upon submit.

If you want to import your options at a later time, simply open the Import tab, and upload the previously saved ".thb-backup" file. Please note that this will completely overwrite your options/skin settings.

Dummy content removal

If you’ve imported the contents from the WordPress exporter XML file, you may want to remove them once you’ve set up your theme. To do so, just open the "Dummy content" tab in the "Framework settings" options page, and select which imported contents you want to remove.