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You can create an Event page by associating the Event page template to it in the page editing screen.

Event pages feature the same layout options of the regular pages, conveniently grouped under the "Theme options" meta box.

In the "Event" tab of the "Theme options" meta box you’ll find the controls to define the event the page is promoting.

The event title is the title of the page, and you can also add a Subtitle, under the "Options" tab of the "Theme options" meta box.

The available event data are:

  • Date, the day the event takes place
  • Venue, a brief text field to illustrate where the event is held and its address
  • Price, the event price, if any

No matter if a sidebar has been selected in the Event editing screen, the specific event information will be displayed as a custom area on the side of the regular page content.

Recurring events

To create a recurring event, simply create an event that doesn’t have a Date set, but make sure you fill the "Subtitle" field under the "Options" tab of the "Theme options" meta box.

Event builder block

Single event pages can also be referenced from the Event builder block, by selecting the event page from the "Select the event" option in the Event builder block editing modal.

Event builder blocks can have a cover image that is displayed as a background for the builder block, and can also be set to cover the entire column width with the "Fill the column" option.

Events list builder block

To fetch a list of the events that have been created, you can use the Events List builder block.

You can select to filter Future events (e.g. events that have their event date field to a future date), Past, Recurring (see the definition of recurring event in the "Recurring events" section of this document above), or All, through the "Select the events" option in the Event builder block editing modal.

Events lists can also be displayed using two different layouts, List and Stripe. List will generate a simple events list, while stripe will also use the events featured images as backgrounds.