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This theme supports the WordPress custom menus feature.

This theme has one custom menu location for the main navigation and offer a multi-level support.

To setup your custom menus, navigate to Appearance > Menus. Give your menu a name and build it up using the available items. To extend the available menu items, click the "Screen Options" tab at the very top of the screen and configure your options. Once you have built your menu, save it and assign it to a location.

For more info on the WordPress custom menu feature check this video tutorial, or refer to the Codex.

A special class called "action" is available for create a nice "action like" menu item.

In order to add this class you’ve to enable the "CSS classes" checkbox from the "Screen options" button on the WordPress "Menu" section, you can view a guide here then, on your desired menu item you’ve to add "action" as CSS class.

A new action button style is available from version 1.3, add the class "blue" plus the "action" ( leave a space between classes: ‘blue action’ ) class in order to enable a new button style like the text box primary call to action button. The color of this button is guided by the Customizer Highlight color.

A new special class called "inpage" is available from version 1.4, this class is useful when you’re adding custom menu item link that point to a specific page section ID.

Mega menu

The theme has a built-in "Mega menu" functionality.

When editing a menu from the WordPress "Appearance > Menus" section of the WordPress admin, each primary level menu item can be told to act as a "Mega menu", that is to function as a wide container for its submenus. You can also specify the columns layout for the mega menu: if you select a specific number of columns, the appearance will be fixed, as opposed to the "Auto" option, which will generate a fluid container.

Please note that when a column layout module is applied, the mega menu will have a fixed width.

For each Mega menu sub items, you can define if such item must be either clickable, or act as a simple label: you can do the latter by checking the "Disable the item link?" checkbox in the menu item editing box.

When building a "Mega menu" each first sub menu level item is considered to be a "column". If a column have one or more children, the column item will be appear bold.

Please note that the "Mega menu" functionality is available for the main inline navigation menu only.