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In the Appearance section, displayed when clicking on the Edit appearance button in the top left corner of the Header layout interface, you can style each component of your Header.

Under the Logo section, you’ll be able to upload a logo that’s going to be used when your website is accessed from a desktop or mobile device. When left empty, the Site name will be used in place of the logo; if you only upload a desktop logo, that logo will be used on mobile as well.


The Header layout features a special skin system that allows you to define three main appearance states for your header:

  1. Dark skin (default), used with dark texts on light backgrounds,
  2. Light skin, used with light texts on dark backgrounds,
  3. Scrolled, used when the header is scrolled in page.

The scrolled version is automatically applied when the header behavior is set to absolute.

The dark skin inherits the theme default colors defined in the main stylesheet or your customizations made with the WordPress Customizer.

The light skin is intended to be used with page headers that have a big image and an header that’s absolutely or fixed positioned, especially if you are using a slideshow.

To learn more about selecting and changing the header skin, check the Page layout section.