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Brix uses its own internal revision system. This means that, while not being linked in any way to the standard WordPress revision system, every time you save a page, provided you actually changed something in Brix, a snapshot is saved as backup.

Whether you’re editing your page using the frontend live editor or in the WordPress admin, you’ll see a clock icon up top. By clicking on it, a screen will pop up listing all the versions of the page that have been created through time.

Click on one of them to restore it, and keep in mind that the page has to be saved one more time in order to make the change permanent.

You can enable or disable revisions from the Brix global options panel, and also specify how many revisions would you like to keep besides the current version of the document.

You can batch delete all the revisions for the current document by clicking the Delete all revisions button at the bottom of the revisions screen.