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The Projects Custom Post Type is an easy and powerful way to showcase your works and create an amazing portfolio.

You can access to the Projects section from your WordPress admin interface.

Being a CPT, you can create multiple projects, and then group them together in Portfolio-like pages creating content using the Brix page builder plugin, using its Portfolio content block.

Single projects

Project pages can either be composed using the regular page content, like you would do for a post or page, or using Brix.

Single projects can also be filed under Project Categories: categorized projects can then be filtered in Portfolio pages.

Additionally, projects support a number of options:

  • Layout: this represents the layout for the top portion of the project page. You can choose among three different layouts:

    • A simple layout with the project title on top of a wide featured image,
    • A layout that features the project image as a background for the header portion of the page, with logo, navigation and project title on top of it,
    • A layout that has the project image boxed in the middle that has a nice and smooth entrance effect.
  • Video allows you to link to a video (self-hosted, YouTube or Vimeo) in the header, using the featured image as a poster image for it, if the Use video instead of featured image setting is checked,

  • Meta data: The most interesting aspect of the single project Data meta box is that the same meta data isn’t only displayed in single project pages, but can also be used later in Portfolio pages to create amazing multiple filters. There are three built-in metas that can be used in your projects: year, role and client. If you need to add other meta data of your choice, you can easily do so by using the agncy_projects_metas filter.

  • You can set a Subtitle to be used for each individual project. This subtitle can either be a combination of project metas, or its categories, or being a completely custom text.

  • After the project page content, you can opt to display social sharing links and/or having a projects navigation block, to link to other works of yours.

External URLs

If your project showcase is hosted somewhere else (like on Behance, for example), you can fill the External URL setting to bypass the regular WordPress permalink and link to that URL instead.

Project color

You can indicate an accent color for the project by filling the Color setting with an hex color code.

To facilitate things, every time you upload and select a new featured image for the project, a palette composed by five colors extracted from the image will be presented to you to choose from.

The color of the project will be used in page transitions to the project page.

Portfolio pages

Portfolio pages can be easily created using the Projects loop generated by the Portfolio builder block, that will allow you to display a list of Projects in different formats.

Optionally, you can also enable a Filter on top of the list of Projects, so that individual items can be filtered by Project Category, or meta data.