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The Agncy global options can be found under the Agncy → Options page in your WordPress admin area and are divided in Global options and Post Type options.


If you navigate to Agncy → Options → Header you will find options that will allow you to specifically configurate the header portion of your website.

The header can use one of two templates:

  • An "horizontal" layout, with logo and navigation aligned, with optional widget areas on the right,
  • An "hamburger" menu layout, with the logo on the left, and an icon that will trigger an overlay menu on the opposite site.
    You can select which layout to use by changing the Layout setting.

If you’ve chosen the "horizontal" layout, which is also the theme’s default, the two Widget area options below it will allow you to select which widget areas to display next to the logo and navigation elements.


You can upload a grand total of four logos in the theme:

  • The main logo that will be used when using a light background (theme default),
  • The mobile logo, loaded on mobile devices only,
  • A main logo that will be used when using a dark background,
  • The white mobile logo, used on dark backgrounds on mobile devices.

You can upload your logos by navigating to Agncy → Options → Header and then finding the Logo settings.

Mobile menu

The Mobile drawer skin setting allows you to control which colors are used in the mobile panel menu that will appear when triggering the menu display on mobile devices.


If you navigate to Agncy → Options → Footer you will find options that will allow you to specifically configurate the footer portion of your website.

Just like the header, the footer as well can assume different forms, as it can either be:

  • A special tailored preset, which displays the website’s logo on the left and a series of horizontally and vertically arranged widget areas on the right, with copyright on the bottom,
  • or a set of colums, each one of them being a different widget area, over which you’ll have full control.

To select which preset is going to be used by your footer, alter the Layout setting. According to your selection, different options regarding the columns layout and widget areas used will appear below the main preset radio button control.

Footer appearance

There are two different main settings regarding footer appearance:

  • You can have the footer to be fixed on the bottom of the page, initially hidden and shown upon scrolling down the page (theme default),
  • or you can have it "relatively" positioned like the rest of the page, hence visible by default.
    You can choose which one is going to be used by checking/unchecking the Fixed reveal option.

Similarly to other parts of the theme such as mobile navigation, the footer as well has its own "skin" settings, allowing you to choose which colors combination is going to be used in the footer portion of your website (Background skin setting).

Global options

Under the Agncy → Options → Global options page, you will find site-wide options.

One of them is the Google Maps API key setting that is needed if you want to display maps for the Office content block in Brix.

Search & Blog

Under the Blog section, you’ll be able to control page Layout, loop layout and which sidebar is used in posts’ single pages, archives or blog index. Similarly, you can do the same with the Search results page.


Under the Agncy → Options → Social page you will be able to set your social networks addresses. These social networks will be used by the Social widget that you can use in the theme’s widget areas.