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The Offices Custom Post Type allows you to indicate your agency’s working places. Offices do not have a single page, but can be show using the Offices content block in Brix.

Each office is defined by its textual content, a richly-formatted >Address, a set of Coordinates used if you want to show its physical location on a map, and a set of Meta data in key/value pairs.

Offices are also referenced by a hidden "Offices" taxonomy, that is used to link to other custom post types such as Jobs. Every time you will create a new office, and entry to that taxonomy will automatically be created, using the same name.

Office Brix content block

You can display data from a particular office using the Office content block in Brix.

After selecting the office you want to link to, a number of options will be presented to you:

  • Which Media to display above the office data, choosing from the office image or a map that will use the office coordinates,
  • Switches to turn on/off the office address/contact details,
  • A select that will allow you to link to another specific page of your website.