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Job listings

The Jobs Custom Post Type allows you to create a job ad for your firm.

A job is composed by the following data:

  • A title, usually describing the position you’re looking for,
  • A description, that gives a little more details about the requirements for the job.

A Job can be associated to a particular office, by associating it to a term in the Offices taxonomy on the left.

If your job opening has a page hosted somewhere else, you can fill the External URL setting to bypass the regular WordPress permalink and link to that URL instead.

Job Listings Brix content block

You can display all the available jobs using the Job Listings content block in Brix. The block can either pick up all the jobs that are currently published in the website (which means that if you want to hide one you can simply set its status to draft instead), or you can opt to select only jobs that belong to a specific office.