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Feeling like Gutenberg is not your cup of tea? Brix is an elegant drag & drop page builder solution designed to be lightweight and offer a solid layout composer powered by more than 40 blocks.


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Licensed: GPL 2.0+ Documentation Changelog



1.5.7 Released on August 28, 2020 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress 5.5.

1.5.6 Released on April 15, 2020 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed an issue the image sizing.

1.5.5 Released on April 15, 2019 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed an issue with the admin output of text blocks, conflicting with the page editor.

1.5.4 Released on December 07, 2018 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.0

1.5.2 Released on August 13, 2018 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when using Brix with no visual editor enabled for the current user,
  • Fixed a parsing error that prevented the correct display of some embeds,
  • Fixed an issue that prevented column responsive data to be retained when updating a column.

1.5.0 Released on April 18, 2018 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Improved the background field.
  • Redesigned templates manager functionality.

1.4.2 Released on March 27, 2018 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed an issue with the section visibility.

1.4.1 Released on March 26, 2018 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed fatal error on plugin activation.

1.4.0 Released on March 22, 2018 NEW FEATURES:

  • Added support for revisions of Brix content.


  • Numerous UI tweaks.


  • Minor bug fixes.

1.3.6 Released on February 26, 2018 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed video thumbnail detection from Vimeo videos in galleries.

1.3.5 Released on February 23, 2018 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Added the ability to add a custom poster image for gallery video embeds.


  • Minor bug fixes.

1.3.4 Released on January 31, 2018 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed an issue with the tab block trigger.
  • Fixed a centering issue with the iframes in lightbox.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.3.3 Released on January 04, 2018 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Improved spacing field functionality.

1.3.2 Released on December 06, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed style for the blocks and sections responsive visibility settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.3.1 Released on December 05, 2017 NEW FEATURES:

  • Shared templates: you can now create globally-available templates and use them across different pages.
  • Blocks and Sections visiblity controls with responsive support.


  • Rewritten in-view element detection engine.
  • Improved rendering for section background colors.
  • Various UI improvements.


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed carousel display.
  • Corrected a bug in the in-view element detection engine.
  • Note: the Gutenberg editor is being disabled for Post Types that use Brix as their layout engine.

1.2.18 Released on November 15, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.17 Released on October 09, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.16 Released on September 27, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.15 Released on August 14, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.14 Released on July 11, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed accordion toggle behavior on Firefox
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.13 Released on July 07, 2017 BUG FIXES:

1.2.12 Released on June 21, 2017 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Improved the image block alignment controls.


  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.11 Released on June 13, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed the feature box alignment style.* Minor bug fixes.

1.2.10 Released on June 09, 2017 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Added compatibility with WordPress 4.8.


  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.9 Released on June 01, 2017 NEW FEATURES:

  • Added Media gallery content block in Brix.


  • Lazy loading of images in Brix.


  • Password protection with content created with Brix,* Minor bug fixes.

1.2.8 Released on May 25, 2017 BUG FIXES:

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.7 Released on May 09, 2017 NEW FEATURES:

  • Added a WooCommerce shop grid content block.


  • Better loading of external assets for some components such as column carousels.


  • Fixed proper dimensioning of column carousels, Fixed an issue that prevented searches when inserting links using the Editor, Minor bug fixes.

1.2.6 Released on February 20, 2017 NEW FEATURES:

  • 15 new blocks!: added compatibility for WooCommerce, for its widgets and shortcodes, Added the ability to force a content block to be aligned at the bottom of its column, Added the ability to stretch a column's background to the screen edges.


  • Improved the speed and reliability when parsing the page,* Revamped the content block addition modal to facilitate navigation and block selection.


  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.5 Released on January 11, 2017 NEW FEATURES:

  • 11 new blocks!: added support for the WordPress default widgets to be used as content blocks.


  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.4 Released on December 07, 2016 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed icons search, Fixed TinyMCE toolbar glitch when loaded in a modal, Fixed compatibility with super-admins in multisite environment,* Minor bug fixes.

1.2.3 Released on December 06, 2016 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed update notice when a new version is released,* Fixed potential connection errors towards Brix server for update notifications.

1.2.2 Released on November 30, 2016 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed compatibility with Slider Revolution

1.2.1 Released on November 29, 2016 BUG FIXES:

  • Safari performance improvements,* Minor bug fixes.

1.2 Released on November 28, 2016 NEW FEATURES:

  • Introduced new frontend editing mode


  • Fixed an issue with undo/redo,* Minor bug fixes

1.1.3 Released on November 15, 2016 BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed split/merge functionality in columns,* Minor fixes concerning breakpoint management.

1.1.2 Released on October 28, 2016 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • **From this version the dependency from the Evolve Framework is removed, and the plugin is no longer needed in order for Brix to run.** Switched to SVG icon packs, Added the Entypo, Foundation and Google Material icons.


  • Fixed a saving issue with the advanced list functionality of the List block.

1.1.1 Released on October 17, 2016 ENHANCEMENTS:

  • Added support for gradient colors, Introduced the responsive adaptation of backgrounds, Added support for overlays.


  • Fixed compatibility with the Polylang and Duplicate Post plugins.

1.1.0 Released on September 30, 2016 NEW FEATURES:

  • Introduced the Templates manager, to save, import and export page and section template files.


  • Added support for shortcode enclosures, Corrected how the plugin hooks into the_content for display: other plugins will be able to hook either before or after the content generated by Brix. Minor bug fixes.

1.0.1 Released on September 20, 2016 NEW FEATURES:

  • Added the option to select the content types for which Brix should be enabled.


  • Major Safari performance improvements, Improved the button style on backend, which now reflects the corner radius value and the label size, Improved the divider style on backend,* Added a


  • Managed the output of button blocks when Brix is disabled, Fixed tab and accordion blocks frontend styles, Fixed the image alt attribute for the feature box and image block,* Fixed issue with noopener noreferrer rel in target blanks.

1.0.0 Released on August 18, 2016 NEW FEATURES: Initial version

Efficient, fast and optimized

Who said page builders are slow, bulky and a pain to work with? Perhaps someone who hasn’t tried Brix yet!

Brix is a plugin designed to be lightweight and work like a charm with the rest of the WordPress ecosystem: it dramatically speeds up the process of content creation, while leaving no footprint in your pages.

If you care about effectiveness and performance, Brix is the right tool for you.

Advanced Grid System

Precisely control even the tiniest detail of your design like a pro, in an easy and intuitive way, thanks to the most advanced grid management system ever created.

Frontend live editing

Add content around your page with easy drag & drop actions: get a precise feeling of how your design idea is coming along in just seconds, displaying it exactly how a visitor would see it.

Loads of built-in modules

Brix modules are like LEGOs: they can be combined and arranged without any sort of restriction to create exactly what you are thinking.

2200+ icons included

The FontAwesome icon library is already included in the free version. Want go take icons to the next level? In the Premium version you’ll also be able to define and import your own custom library.

Enhanced column carousels

Content blocks can be displayed in a carousel, as long with other elements in the same column. You can also precisely control how the carousel adapts on every responsive step: creativity will be your only limit!

Media query creator

Are you great at coding? Brix is also made for you! You can control the responsive behavior of your website by creating and sharing media queries across elements.

No limits to what you can build

Brix was born from a simple yet ambitious idea: being useful wherever you may use it.

Its grid system will let you compose even complex layouts easily, precisely controlling even the tiniest detail of your design, and its rigorous semantic approach will make your pages SEO ready in an instant.

Being flexible, extendable and forward thinking, Brix is the cornerstone element between the design, development and copywriting phases of your work.

Free vs Premium

Works on every theme & post type. Yes Yes
No coding required. Yes Yes
Basic grid controls. Yes Yes
SEO ready. compatible with YOAST. Yes Yes
24 built-in content blocks. Yes Yes
Frontend live editing. No Yes
20 Extra blocks. like Gallery, Counter, Team member, Progress bar and WooCommerce blocks. No Yes
Advanced grid controls. like special sections, row alignments and more. No Yes
Advanced responsive. control the responsive behavior of your website by creating and sharing media queries across elements. No Yes
WooCommerce integration. No Yes
Shared templates. reuse sections across your pages. No Yes
2200+ icons. Entypo, Material design, Foundation and Linea icons. No Yes
Advanced backgrounds. Responsive backgrounds, Parallax and more. No Yes
Premium support. No Yes
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