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Managing an home page slideshow is now easier than ever. To completely control your slideshow, go to the "Slideshow" tab in Metropolis’s main options page.

Here you can pick from different options, concerning how many slides to show, the amount of time between each slide, and the transition effect from one to another. You can also specify which effect your captions will have.

The slides composing the slideshow can essentially be of two types, either showing recent entries from the Blog or Works sections, or displaying a custom set of pictures and videos; you can set this in the "Home page" tab of the main options page.

Activating the slideshow

To add a slideshow to your home page, simply activate it in the "Home page" tab of Metropolis general options page.

You can also set a slideshow to appear in individual posts, works and pages (this is also the case with static home pages).

To do that, pick a slideshow from the "Background/slideshow" option of the post/work/page editing interface. Selecting "Entry slideshow" will expand the Slideshow metabox, that allows the upload of up to five slides.


A quick note about slideshow dimensions. The slideshow can be either boxed or extended. When extended, you can make it a full screen background by setting the "Slideshow height" option to 0.

The "Slide caption height", on the other hand, will control how tall the caption box will be.

Custom slides

To manage your custom collection of slides, go to the "Slideshow" Metropolis’s option page. Upon clicking the "Add" button, a panel is presented to you with the ability to choose the type of the slide, being it Picture or Video.

When choosing "Picture" from the "Type" select element:

  • Upload a new picture, or pick an existing one from the Media Gallery by clicking the "Upload" button.
  • Select a Title for your picture (optional)
  • If you want the title to be clickable, enter the destination URL (optional)
  • You can also enter a brief caption of the picture (optional)

Otherwise, selecting "Video":

  • Select a Title for your video (optional)
  • Enter the full URL of the video, with it being from either YouTube or Vimeo