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This template supports WordPress sidebars.

There is one pre-configured sidebar. To make use of widgets you can easily go to Appearance -> Widget, choose your widget, and drag it and drop it on the intended widget area. There are 2 widget areas, that you need to activate from Theme options -> Sidebars, simply by choosing the column structure, than go to Appearance -> Widget and drag and drop you widget on.

The sidebars are the following:

  • Main sidebar
  • Footer area (max 4 columns)

To choose a sidebar for a page, look out for the Sidebar metabox in the page editing interface. You can also choose to place your sidebar on the right or on the left, setting the appropriate option in the "Sidebars" tab of our admin panel.

Please note that only pages with the default template, sidebar on the left template and sidebar on the right template and contact templates will feature such box. Also, when explicitly selecting not to load any sidebar with the option "- NO SIDEBAR", the page/entry will automatically take the full width available.

When using a page template different to the ones listed above, hence using a page layout that is related to a specific custom post type, you’ll be able to control the presence of the sidebar in the "Sidebars" tab of Acid Rain’s main options page.

Dynamic sidebars

Acid Rain comes with the ability to create an unlimited number of sidebars to use in your theme, besides the default ones already included.

To create a custom sidebar, go to the Acid Rain’s "Sidebars" option page. Clicking the "Add" button on top will make a new sidebar panel appear where it’ll be possible to insert the description of the sidebar. Clicking the "Remove" button in the bottom right corner of the panel will instead delete the sidebar.

All the changes will take effect upon pressing the "Save" button.