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You can customize Acid Rain’s appearance in several different ways, that make up for a very large number of possibilities.


The "Style" page lets you customize the appearance of your website, from colors to typography.
Let’s dig deeper and analyze the tabs of the "Style customizer" page.


Here you can set the website’s optional custom CSS. Please remember that any rule you write in your custom CSS box will override any other rule previously declared.


The "highlight color" is the color of your links and highlighted parts. If left empty, links and other element will be set to the default color.


The "Typography" tab lets you choose the fonts for the different sections of your website.

Customizing them is pretty easy: for each area, choose your font family and a combination of weight (Normal, Bold), style (Normal or Italic) size (a number, without the "px" part) and color. You can also set the font line-height value.

Upon the selection of the font family, the preview will change according to your selection, and please note that the preview only demonstrates the font family, the weight and the style, not its color.

Note: not every font have the bold weight or an italic version, you need to refer to Google Fonts website reference and check the font supports. This doesn’t stop you to use the italic style variant even when the selected font doesn’t actually offer support for it, although the outcome won’t be optimal.