March 19, 2020

Carto: maps for WordPress

by The Evolve team in Announcements, Carto

Today we’re happy to announce the publication of our latest plugin: it’s called Carto, and it’s the best way to add a map in WordPress.

Truth be told, Carto is been out for a while now: if you want to try it out, you can download and use the free version from

Carto Pro, on the other hand, offers a whole series of enhancements over the free version, and you can purchase it here on our shop.

With Carto, you’ll be able to add clickable maps to your WordPress site in a matter of seconds. It’s available as a Block Editor/Gutenberg block, but also as a module for the most popular page builders out there, and as a widget.

The free version of Carto is based entirely on Google Maps. Carto Pro, instead, extends the base plugin and can also use OpenStreetMap maps.

As you know, Google Maps is behind a paywall for a large number of visits: using Carto Pro, instead, you’ll be able to add maps to your WordPress pages without an API, ending up in potentially saving a considerable amount of money.

Carto allows to add multiple locations or markers to your maps: better yet, since maps are clickable, you’ll also be able to create popups for each pin you add, adding valuable information about that specific location.

The potential use cases for a well built map plugin such as Carto are endless: a shop chain may want to build it’s store locator with Carto, or a local tour guide may want to put on the map the best places to eat in town.

You can buy Carto right now, or download the free version from If you’re interested in the Pro version, you may also want to subscribe to our newsletter, which will give you a nice 10% discount over your first purchase.

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