March 30, 2018

Image optimization, create GIFs from Sketch and in page scrolling

by The Evolve team in Roundup

Hello folks, and welcome to the first post of our renewed Roundup series.

If you were used to the round-up posts that we’ve published recently, we’d like to let you know that the format has changed a bit, since our round-up posts will now consist in a few links that don’t necessarily fall into one predetermined category.

Optimize Images for WordPress with the ‘jpegoptim’

Image optimization is crucial if you’re serious about web performance. In this post, Takayuki Miyauchi illustrates how to optimize your images using the jpegoptim command (

Timeline for Sketch

The Sketch ecosystem is full of great plugins that you can use to day to enhance your work, and this one is truly a gem among them: with it you’ll be able to create GIFs & Videos directly from Sketch.

Want to know more about it? Here’s also the presentation post for the plugin.

“I am a mediocre developer”

In one of the most insightful posts we’ve been reading recently, Nikita Sobolev tries to “guide you through surviving in the industry if you are not a genius”.


If you fancy Javascript libraries that enhance common browser behaviors, this one is definitely for you: ScrollBooster in an “enjoyable content drag-to-scroll library” that will allow you to scroll just about anything in your page, and is very lightweight (~2KB gzipped) as well!

So we’ve come to the end of our roundup: stay tuned for more interesting resources in our Blog, and don’t forget to keep in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter.

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