March 23, 2018

Brix 1.4: restore your pages history with revisions

by The Evolve team in Announcements, Brix

It’s been a while since Brix last major update, hasn’t it?

That’s because we got a lot of things boiling in the pot, right now, and we literally cannot wait to show to you what we have in store for Brix and the rest of our products!

Today we’re rolling out the first of the planned major updates to Brix for 2018: version 1.4, available both on and on this very shop, introduces the ability to save revisions of your pages and posts.

How to manage revisions in WordPress and Brix

Now, page revisions are a very well-known concept in WordPress, and it means that every time you save a page, provided you actually changed something, a snapshot is saved as backup.

That’s exactly what revisions in Brix are all about: you’ll never have the chance to lose your content!

While also being able to enable or disable revisions at will, you’ll also be able to limit the number of revisions that are saved for a page. And if you want to delete the post history completely, you can even batch delete all the revisions for a post, when you don’t need them anymore.

Sounds cool, right?

If you want to try out revisions for yourself, take a look at the online Brix demo!

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