October 21, 2017

CSS Tooltips, Date picker & CSS Slider – Design round up #15

by The Evolve team in Design, Links & resources

Hi and welcome to our usual design resources roundup of the week!


The first link of this week roundup is a simple CSS library that allows you to create nice tooltip elements without Javascript using data attributes. It works well if you don’t have to apply these tooltips to elements that doesn’t support pseudo elements like input or img.

Date dropper

If you are searching for a date picker plugin just take a look at Date dropper, a really nice jQuery UI date picker plugin, beautifully designed, with translation support and is only 22kb minified.

You can get pretty far in making a slider with just HTML and CSS

The last link of this week is an interesting article by Chris Coyier on how to approach a slideshow without Javascript with a semantic markup and pure CSS.

That’s it for this week; come back next saturday for more design links, or check back on monday for another development roundup!

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