September 30, 2017

SVG clip-path, iPhone X design guidelines and Sketch styleguides – Design round up #12

by The Evolve team in Design, Links & resources

Hi and welcome to our design resources roundup for this week!

Using SVG clip-path to change a logo’s colour on scroll

Let’s start this roundup with a tutorial concerning an interesting technique to change a logo color smoothly on scroll with a nice clip effect, something that definitely we should try on one of our themes.

Designing Websites for iPhone X

The iPhone X is not available yet but Apple release some guidelines for website developers on how to adapt websites beautifully on the edge-to-edge display.

Nested Symbols & Auto-Updating Styleguides

The last link of this roundup is a free Sketch template with a huge amount of elements well organized, take a look at it even just to learn something new on elements organization for your next Sketch project.

That’s it for this week; come back next friday for more design links, or check back on monday for another development roundup!

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