August 4, 2017

Linked colors in Sketch, font scaling plugin and CSS mobile devices – Design round up #4

by The Evolve team in Design, Links & resources

Hi and welcome to our design resources roundup for this week!

Dynamic color relations in Sketch

We love Sketch, and we use it everyday to design our products, but it lacks flexibility when it comes to sharing only a single property across different elements. “Chain” allows you to share the color property across elements: select the layers to chain, the reference color and the transformations you want to apply.

Make text fit perfectly

Fitty is a new plugin that helps you to scale up or down text so it fits perfectly to its parent container, similar to Fittext but without dependencies, and it is ideal for flexible and responsive websites.

CSS3 phones & tablets mockups

Matte Mockups is a free collection of CSS3 phones & tablets mockups. Place a GIF, Video or any kind of custom markup inside a minimalistic device and get a cool presentation of your project. Is also available as a Sketch file.

That’s it for this week; come back next friday for more design links, or check back on monday for another development roundup!

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