July 24, 2017

State of JavaScript, smooth page transitions, comments plugins in WordPress – Development links round up #3

by The Evolve team in Development, Links & resources

Hi and welcome to our usual development links roundup for this week.

State Of JS

The State of JavaScript is a public survey that aims to underline patterns, tendencies and preferences among JS and non-JS developers all around the world. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and we bet you’ll learn about the existence of a couple of libraries/components you never heard about before!


The next one is a hot topic these days at Evolve, since we’re in the midst of the design of our new theme which has cool page transition effects at its very core.

Barba is a great library that significantly facilitates the task of creating page transitions without reloading the page, leveraging the browser’s history API.

Top 5 comment plugins for WordPress

Everyone likes to receive comments on their blog, right? Native comments in WordPress are cool, flexible and portable by definition, but there are other plugins too that can handle comments just as well.

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3 comments on “State of JavaScript, smooth page transitions, comments plugins in WordPress – Development links round up #3”

  1. I do love Disqus, since it’s the most used one.
    Disabled it years ago for performance issue, and just for lazyness I never put it on again on my blog.

    GraphComments had issues with a vaste database of comments (both in years and sheer number). I helped them to squash that bug, but never had the courage to keep it enabled on my site. Given also that I do love Disqus.

    Years ago I also tried Intense Debate, which was brought by Automattic… but was apparently put under a blanked and maybe they uses the technology to improve their WP.com / Jetpack powered commenting system.

  2. @kOoLiNuS
    I’ve been using the latest build of Graphcomment on Stufflistings for quite some time now. So far, it’s been bug-free. I believe you could give it another shot.

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