July 21, 2017

How to pair Google fonts, Colors meaning guide and free patterns – Design round up #2

by The Evolve team in Design, Links & resources

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s design roundup!

Google Fonts pairing guide

Pairing fonts can be an hard task if you are not skilled enough and even a good looking theme can be ruined by a poor fonts selection.
This article collects 50 fonts combinations of typefaces from the Google Fonts library, that can really help spice up your project. Google Fonts are an incredible resource nowadays: in our latest theme Fenix, Google Fonts (and others, by the way) powers our flexible typography management system that is integrated in the Customizer, which allows you to completely change the typography of your website in just a matter of seconds.

Meanings of colors

Just like for fonts, picking the right colors can be tricky. This nice resource gives you an explanation about the meaning of each color and presents some nice suggestions and tips regarding palettes.

Free patterns

Do you want to spice up your website sections or backgrounds with some amazing and stylish patterns? If so, you definitely have to take a look at “10 Memphis style patterns“. And if you happen to use Brix for you project, patterns are just the perfect way to style section and column backgrounds, and changing their look is as quick as 1, 2, 3!

That’s all for today’s round up! Come back next week for more development and design links from the Evolve team!

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