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Animated SVG icons, tilt parallax plugin and free font – Design round up #1

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Today marks the beginning of our design roundups: each friday, come back to our website to discover links to resources and articles regarding design, visual representation of data, typography and visual arts in general.

Animated Icons

With SVGs, animated icons have officially become a thing now, and we’ve adopted them ourselves in our latest creation Fenix.

Here’s a great set of icons that, per their description, Make your users say “Ha!”:


In the 2015 event Apple introduced an update for the AppleTV OS with a new cool effect for icons. This effect can be easily with Tilt, a cool library that can be used to create a nice & lightweight parallax hover tilt effect over your elements. It is built for jQuery, and is incredibly smooth as well:

Zilla Slab

Zilla Slab is Mozilla’s core typeface, used for the Mozilla wordmark, headlines and throughout their designs. The font offers a much needed slab font in the Google Fonts panorama, has a grant total of 10 variants, and can be used effectively for both headlines and body text.

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