July 10, 2017

Head tag cheat sheet, reactive UI & bash scripting – Development links round up #1

by The Evolve team in Development, Links & resources

We’d like to introduce a new series of posts that highlights useful links and resources we’ve found regarding design, development or the WordPress ecosystem in general.

This week, we debut with a bunch of development references and resources:

<head> Cheat Sheet

The <head> element of your pages is arguably the most important section in an HTML document, since it contains all kinds of elements that are there not only to display pages correctly from the visual stand point, but also to interact and work together with external services such as social networks or browsers.

Keeping track of what goes in the <head> element can be daunting so here’s a list of just that:


Reactive UI’s with Vanilla JS

Libraries such as React or Vue are the tools through which web apps are built nowadays. They’re extraordinary libraries, and they fully deserve the attention they’re receiving.

If you need something simpler though, or maybe don’t want to overload your page with other assets, here’s an introduction that’ll teach you how to achieve a similar reactiveness, with just ol’ style plain JavaScript:


A Primer in Bash for developers

Bash scripting is a great way to automate processes that you’d be forced to otherwise do manually.

For instance, all the packages that we upload to ThemeForest and this shop are generated through a series of scripts that eventually create one zip file, ready to be used.

All of the actions performed by the script would take half an hour, if done manually: automating it brings the amount of time needed to perform the task to just about 1 minute.

Bash is one of the languages we use in those scripts, and learning it can be tricky, so here’s a great introduction to the topic to start getting your hands dirty with local scripts:


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