November 15, 2016

Say hello to Brix Lite!

by The Evolve team in Announcements, Brix

Today we’re releasing an update to Brix, which brings the latest version to 1.1.3, fixing a couple of issues when merging columns from the page editor and managing breakpoints.

On top of that, today marks a milestone in Brix life cycle, as a Lite version is now available for FREE on the Plugin Directory at!

Brix Lite contains all the core features of the plugin, and allows you to create great layouts in no time.

Brix can be used with any WordPress theme and the best thing about its approach is that it doesn’t lock you in. The plugin doesn’t rely on shortcodes: you can switch themes as many times as you like and your content will follow you, even if you disable the plugin completely.

Page builders can be slow, and nobody likes heavy plugins that slow down your website. Brix is different. Content generated by Brix is constantly optimized to only load the thing that you need, the moment you need them; Brix works great with caching systems, but even without any of them, the simple fact that it’s not based on shortcodes parsing, makes it quick to render.

If you want more, though, a PRO version of the plugin is available on our shop, adding new features and extending the basic functionality of the plug in.

Some of the features that are part of the PRO version are:

  • Premium support
  • Full-blown responsive mode
  • Enhanced backgrounds
  • More content blocks
  • Advanced grid features
  • Enhanced column carousels
  • Custom templates import/export
  • Several built-in templates ready for use
  • More icon sets (2200+ icons)

We’re pretty sure you’ll be as enthusiast as we are about the plugin, as many new and exciting features are in the works.

So, if you want to get to know Brix better, take a look at the online demo, or start using Brix right away with the Lite version!

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