September 23, 2016

Evolve Framework 1.0.5

by The Evolve team in WordPress

Hello everyone, today we’ve pushed a new version of our Evolve Framework out in the wild: version 1.0.5.

Besides a few minor CSS tweaks, this version officially interrupts compatibility with Internet Explorer 7 and below.

This version also introduces a new updates system which integrates seamlessly with the WordPress plugins updates workflow: once per day, the plugin will attempt to check for updates and will show them to you in the Plugins screen on admin, alongside the other plugins you might have installed.

So, in order to get all the future updates, it’s important that you upgrade today to version 1.0.5: disable and delete the current version of the Evolve Framework you have in your WordPress, and download the latest and greatest version from Github, and make sure to install the plugin in a folder called evolve-framework in wp-content/plugins.

If you have purchased our brand new page builder plugin Brix, disable and delete the Evolve Framework, and install a new copy from the Brix notice that will appear in your Dashboard.

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