September 4, 2015

Evolve Framework 0.3

by The Evolve team in WordPress

Today we’re updating Evolve Framework to version 0.3. A few improvements have been made and a couple of useful helpers have been added. Here’s a quick recap of what has been changed from version 0.2:

  • We’ve introduced graphical radio buttons to the list of available fields. See the updated docs to learn how to use them!
  • Import and Export (aka Restore and Backup) helper functions have been added: you can now backup all of your theme-related options and mods at once, and import them back later if you need them.
  • Added the ability to create admin pages that have custom markup injected before their usual list of tabs and fields through the ev_admin_page_content[page:{$handle}] hook.
  • We’ve introduced the bundle field type. This feature was left silent for a while, but now is available for everyone to test. Bundles are a cool and handy way of grouping things: they are regular fields that are composed by a collection of other fields; for instance, you could create a repeatable bundle called “External link” that’s composed of two text sub-fields, one called “URL”, and the other called “Label”.

Again, please note that the plugin code is not ready for production yet, so use it with caution.

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