August 1, 2015

On future developments

by The Evolve team in WordPress

As you may know, last week we have released the first alpha of our WordPress development framework on Github.

Right now, we’re in the process of gathering feedback and get things in order before further proceeding with its development. We know this phase is going to take a while, but rushing things out isn’t really our style.

So, we’ve received an email the other day from someone running a WordPress development company, asking us what are our plans with this framework and how are we going to maintain it, medium-long term.

While we don’t recommend running our software in production yet (again, alpha!), we’d like to share a hint about what we’d like to do with Evolve Framework.

First of all, we’re open to having external contributions, for both code and translations. If you find appealing the idea of a framework that doesn’t add clutter nor unnecessary functionality, but simply provides a powerful set of tools, then you might be interested in giving Evolve Framework a try.

We have designed the framework to be the epicenter of everything we do with WordPress, whether it’s a theme, a plugin, or a service: having a codebase that we master under the hood will allow us to build products that are faster and more secure, and in less time too.

The framework is a plugin, which means that it must be fully transparent, offering its hopefully valuable set of instruments to any other theme or plugin, whether ours or someone else’s.

Also, the framework’s developments will likely go side by side with new things introduced in WordPress core, which is one of the key concepts behind it: you have a much better chance of building something that lasts if you rely on a solid basis, and WordPress APIs are just that.

We’re not fans of blank themes in themselves, and we’re even less keen on calling them frameworks, when they’re really just starter themes. Nothing really wrong with that: it’s just not our cup of tea, and we think we can create better things following a different approach.

In the future we’d like to continue pushing out quality themes: themes that don’t break, themes that look good, and, most importantly, that are useful to our customers.

With them being powered by the Evolve Framework, we will be able to achieve a goal we have dreamed about for a long time: having a collection of products that are all on par with one another in terms of code quality and building philosophy.

We are going to create and sell plugins as well. One of them is in the works as we speak, and it’s the natural evolution of a page builder we’ve created in the past. Apart from that, which will go live hopefully soon, there’s nothing concrete yet at this moment, but a few ideas are floating around our ever-busy minds.

We’ll keep you posted, so make sure you come by again!

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