July 14, 2015

Hello world!

by The Evolve team in Us

Let’s be honest, writing the very first post of a blog always feels a bit “weird”. For starters, the post appears out of the blue and on top of that it does it without the reader having any clue about the reasons that brought it to be published.

So let’s shed a light. First of all, “we” is a couple of people that started working together a few years ago, creating products based on WordPress. We focus on themes primarily, but from here on a good chunk of our developments will be devoted to plugins as well. In the future we’d like to take the next step and create a service, but that’s material for another post.

In the transition from simply being people working together to being a real company, one of the things that changes is the need to differently communicate who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why you do it.

That’s the reason why the next pages will be written: to tell something about us that we’d like our users and customers to know. But more than anything, to explain why any thing, in order not to die, must evolve.

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