April 24, 2015

Introducing Ristorante

by The Evolve team in Themes

Creating a restaurant/café/pub theme has been on our minds for quite some time. We think that themes should mean something for those who use them, and that they should help them in running their businesses.

With Ristorante, we project this vision in an easy & powerful menu management system, in simple yet flexible event pages, and in a series of highly refined tools that help you create beautifully descriptive pages with little effort, while being integrated with the social world.

Food menus

Food menus are at the center of a restaurant website, and their goal should be to not only list dishes and drinks, but also allow them to be described and displayed in a way that looks just as good as they taste.


Food menus can be laid out in six different unique ways: single column (with or without images), two columns side by side (with or without images), and a gorgeous carousel display listing three or five items.

Take a moment to have a look at how food menus can be laid out in our demos: Restaurant menu, Pub menu.


Dishes can be visually split under different containers, such as Entrées, Desserts, etc, and have controls to input unique relevant information such as ingredients, price and variants.

Additionally, they can also be extensively described by either making them link to a website’s page, or have their information open up in the same page.


Food menu and their dishes can also be tagged with a specific dedicated taxonomy. Need to identify a dish as gluten-free, vegetarian, or whatever? Just tag it that way, and a badge will appear next to it. Slick 😉


If you’re using the built-in page builder, food menus can also be added to the page layout using their specific builder block component.


When it comes to event management, often the requirement underneath it is very simple: create a page with a title, description and extended text, add a date and a location, and you’re done with it.
In Ristorante we’ve put an Event page template at your disposal, that does just that: you can set the date (or not, if it’s a recurring event), location and price of the event as well.
You can display events in their own page, or reference them from a dedicated block to be used in the built-in page builder, or have them displayed in another builder block that lists past, future, or all the events you’ve created.
Live events promo image


Ristorante is born to be flexible and allows multiple design solutions, among which are:

  • Three header layouts: left-aligned, right-aligned or centered.
  • “Smart” sticky header, only appearing when scrolling up.
  • Support for high-definition logos.


With the Home page template you’ll be able to create a killer home page, with a fullscreen image, custom slogan or logo and a the ability to add the relevant information to your activity right above the fold! See it for yourself in the Restaurant demo and in the Pub demo.


Create unlimited layout combinations thanks to the built-in page builder.

The page builder system is now as flexible as ever, and allows for extended or boxed layout, with side-by-side columns with backgrounds, and dynamic centering of elements.


The Ristorante theme is just perfect for writing as well: three layout variations for blog loops, with the ability to customize archive loops, tons of options to filter blog items and a clean, readable design, with support for extended images inside the post content, for everyone to enjoy.


To top it all off, the theme features great support for the leading e-commerce plugin out there, WooCommerce.


A dedicated built-in options panel, a Customizer panel to automatically alter colors and typography, and many more features for you to discover!

Ristorante is made to help you manage your restaurant, café or pub business, providing just the right tools you were looking for.

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