January 15, 2015

Meet Superba

by The Evolve team in Themes

While we certainly are no strangers to designing photographic themes, we always though we could do better. Great feedback from our users has been the driving force of the design process, and one thing that kept popping up was that more relevance could be given to the real protagonists of the show: the photos themselves.

That’s why we’ve created Superba. We consider Superba our best experiment yet concerning the display of visual content, because it has so many variants and allows to add images and videos with ease.

You’ll be able to create carousel albums, full screen slideshows, mosaic galleries, or go the standard way and display images one after the other.

And to enjoy your content in the best way possible, we’ve created a gallery mode, with native full-screen support and optimized for mobile, that will make browsing through images and video a bliss.

Images support titles and captions, and also can fetch their own Exif data.

Even more importantly, your feedback told us that visual content needs to be catalogued, grouped and displayed in a meaningful way: for this reason, we have created album pages which can have their own set of images, or even pull content from other albums and projects.

This way, you’ll be able to create, for example, a macro-album fetching all the pictures that are tagged as “Portrait”, no matter what album/project they’re in.

No matter how big the album is, images are loaded on the fly, which results in a slick browsing experience.

Superba is meant to be used by creatives of all sorts and as such has tools that support their activities. For example, you could use a watermark plugin such as Easy Watermark, to protect your pictures, or even enable the built-in option to disable right clicking on images, without even having to install an external plugin.

Also, the theme has great support for the leading e-commerce plugin out there, WooCommerce.

Go check Superba out, and spread the word!

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