August 19, 2014

5 different ways to use Voyager

by The Evolve team in Themes


Voyager is our latest creation, it’s a flexible multipurpose WordPress theme and it’s the first theme ever with a built-in system for geolocalized information, with a marked focus on storytelling.

With so many things to do at your fingertips, let us briefly illustrate five different possible applications Voyager can be used for.

1. Travel blogging

Just got back from your holidays, or are you about to leave? Tell your friends and followers about your trip, describe its itinerary and creatively share pictures from the places you’ve been to.

As you capture moments with your camera, you can write blog posts about a trip legs, attach a pictures to them in form of galleries, and have them grouped together automatically: we feel like this is the best way to show all the great pictures you took.

Narrating your beautiful and engaging experiences visually as well as with the written word is Voyager’s goal: every trip is a deep and unique experience, and your story deserves to be told as such, and this is why Voyager trips feature multiple layouts and have support for our built-in page builder.

2. Travel agencies

Travel agencies will greatly benefit from using Voyager, as easily creating itineraries allows you to effectively describe tour packages and suggested walks around cities.

Each stop of the itinerary can list points of interest nearby, landmarks or give nice tips to tourists about that little known restaurant you won’t easily forget.

Having the page builder in your corner will also let you further promote tour packages thanks to a highly flexible pricing tables component that will help you convert visitors into customers.

3. Resort & real estate agencies

Resort managers and real estate agencies might find in Voyager the perfect tool to illustrate their structures and services.

For example, think about putting the different services that make your resort or property stand out on personalized maps that really fit your brand, and do not look like awkward external embeds.

Just as a story is always worth telling the way it’s supposed to, Voyager allows real estate properties and resorts to be described effectively and truly reflect their history and quality of their offer.

4. Sports blogger

So, let’s say you’re into sports: whether you bleed your team’s colors, or you closely follow an athlete you like, you’ll find in Voyager a powerful ally to share your opinions about events during the season.

Picture yourself writing notes and blog posts, publishing pictures of games you’ve witnessed, and comment epic victories and failures with fellow sports enthusiasts: Voyager allows you to do that and much (much!) more.

5. Live music aficionado

Enjoying live music is one of the coolest things to do, right? Well, sharing your passion about fine tunes with others comes not-so-far second!

Let’s say you’re a photo reporter traveling the country following bands, or a die hard fan that wouldn’t miss a tour date for the world: you’ll be able to quickly create recap pages for gigs you’ve attended in a year, or have a perspective look of a particular band concerts you’ve witnessed in your life.


No matter what you’ll use Voyager for, we feel like this theme is great for telling stories, from either a personal or commercial point of view.

So, have a look at Voyager’s demo, and tell us what you think! Also, if you have already purchased our theme, well, thank you, and feel free to send us links of your websites that are using Voyager!

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