June 12, 2014

Welcome to our new home

by The Evolve team in Announcements

A little over four months has passed since our announcement about the changes we wanted to introduce in the way we create and maintain our products.

Our goal is to create beautiful and functional products that you can use and enjoy. In the past, we’ve been feeling that something wasn’t quite right about how we handled the maintenance of our products after the sale, from update, to support and documentation.

In response to that sentiment of change, today we’re rolling out our new home and support platform, that will hopefully make the communication between you customers and us smoother, clearer and ultimately more effective.

The forum we’ve been using in the past has been ditched, in favor of a whole new ticket system built from scratch; also our most recent themes (Rockford, Zancudo, Blaine and One) have seen significant changes in the documentation department.

All of your tickets and replies haven’t gone nowhere, and neither has your account information.

The only action required from you, is that you re-submit the purchase code for our item(s) you’ve bought on ThemeForest: upon the successful registration of your purchase, you’ll be able to access tickets and information regarding the items you’ve purchased.

A clarification

While our plan of selling our products through a custom platform still remains intact in our minds and is the direct consequence of our vision about our own products, we’ll keep selling our themes on ThemeForest, and we’ll probably remain on that marketplace for a long time.

Farewell to Bigfoot

As of today, we’re removing our theme Bigfoot, since it’s getting harder and harder to update with it being a free product, and it doesn’t really reflect our product idea anymore, quality-wise.

Bigfoot has been a great experience for us, and has been downloaded over 44k times over the past 11 months, so we wanted to thank you for the excitement you showed us about this product.

We hope to release more free items in the future, so keep yourself up to date following us on Twitter, Facebook and ThemeForest!

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13 comments on “Welcome to our new home”

  1. I only discovered Bigfoot a couple of weeks ago and was absolutely loving it very sad that you are saying farewell to it….now there is a notification that says new update released and how to update the theme, but no download available?? So what to do about that ??

  2. Hi everyone,

    as we’ve said, BigFoot has been removed from download and we don’t offer support for BigFoot anymore. Contact us via email in order to receive the download URL for the latest BigFoot version.

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