January 17, 2014

Oh hi, Zancudo!

by The Evolve team in Themes

Zancudo is our first theme of 2014 and is a gorgeous, flexible and fresh theme for photographers and artists.

Following the footstepts of it predecessor Rockford, Zancudo features full-screen pictures and zippy photo albums management.

Every page of the theme has support for a gorgeous slideshow. You can make it full-screen and add nice captions, stretch it wide with a subtle parallax effect, or have it just above the page content.

Albums, on the other hand, are our take at how an efficient Portfolio and works showcase can be managed: you can create albums and photo galleries like a breeze, customizing each and every album displaying full screen pictures, choosing different page layouts and making use of the full blown video support.

You can lay out your Portfolio pages in many different ways, choosing columns number, switching between two filter variants and opting for having Portfolio items to be dynamically loaded in-page.

You can also create private albums and galleries.

With the ability to choose from different page header layouts, you’ll be able to use full-screen images at the top of your page, or completely disable the header: for example, you could create a big, bold, beautiful full-screen slides page and use their captions wisely to compose a nice looking home page.

If you’re a blogger, Zancudo doesn’t leave you behind, thanks to its several layout variants and options. Blog and Portfolio page contents can be easily customized, in terms of how many elements to display, and which category filters to be applied, which means you can finely tune your content and show it the right way.

Need more? We got it! Zancudo also features a great integration with the popular e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce so that you’ll be able to sell anything you want.

As usual, the demo version is set up for you to play around with it. Enjoy!

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