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Design &
on WordPress.

We’re specialized in design and development of solutions
built with WordPress that are functional and sustainable.

Have a great idea for your project?

Our Products

We’ve been creating themes and plugins for years, and we take the task seriously. Our products aim to be to the point, flexible, tested and sustainable, and we provide first-hand support for them.

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Our Services

We love to work with clients and agencies, because we think that we can bring tangible value to the table: from consultancy to complete projects, we work on design, development, UX and process optimization.

Creativity at the service of pragmatism

We like having control over things. We like shared and systemic ideas, and when we’re not entirely happy with what we have, we work hard to create tools that can scale, last and operate smoothly.

Whether it’s a theme, plugin or a client project that we bring from A to Z, having control leads to more solid products and better experiences for our customers and clients.

We’re based in Genoa, Italy, a history and culture rich town, home to Christopher Columbus and pesto sauce. Discover more.

We began working together in 2010, and during these years we never stopped thinking bigger.
Under the name The Happy Bit we’ve created THBThemes, becoming Elite authors on ThemeForest, and we’ve had the opportunity of working with clients and agencies from all over the world.

Our passion and the vision in our minds of what we could give to our clients and customers were the fuel that propelled us in creating Evolve, our WordPress studio, and its shop of quality products.

Hey, I'm Simone, it's great to have you here! I'm a designer, frontend developer, metal music addicted and I can spot a 1 pixel discrepancy from 10 meters away.

Hi, Andrea here, nice to meet you! I'm a developer, good typography enthusiast, all-around sports guy and basically I've been into web publishing since I first connected to the Internet.